Friday, January 28, 2011

What goes around, comes around ;D

Both of them is my bestfrnd forever...Syg korg ketat2!!!
(Muhammad Nazrin & Eri al-Zikri)

There was a time when I didn't have a lot of friends. I was a bit shy and reserved. I never really wanted to be popular, but I didnt want to have someone to share secrets and laughs with. All through high school, though, i just slipped in and out of "light" friendships where i didn’t find a lot of comfort or companionship.
When it came time to go to poly, I was quite nervous. I was going to be rooming with someone i  didn’t know and living in a town 300 miles away from home.I had no idea how i was going to make friends in this new environment.
The first week of classes, something happened that changed with my life forever. In my English  class, i was asked (as were all the students) to share a little about themself. I told everyone where i called home and all of the other ordinary details that students share in such situations. The final question for each student was always the same: "What is your goal for this class?" Now, most of the students said it was to get a good grade, pass the class or something similar, but for some reason, i said something entirely different. I said that my goal was to make just one good friend.
While most of the students sat in silence, one student came to me and held out our hand and introduced ourself. I asked if their would be my friend. The whole room was silent – all eyes focused on the me and the hand extended just in front of me. I just smiled and stretched my hand out to take mine  and a friendship was formed. It was a friendship that lasted all through poly... It was a friendship that turned into a romance. It was a friendship that brought two people together in BFF!!! <3 That i wanted, being honest and taking action.

He is my bestfriends forever.MUHAMMAD NAZRIN B JAMALUDIN
(aLahai izhar pon ade jugk..xpe2.mber2 xkesah..haha.. =DD
Think Better! =)

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  1. mereka best friend anda...
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